Homeasy is the sole agent (Hong Kong and China area) of "YShield" Products from Germany. We will use the following electromagnetic wave shielding products in the Improvement Projects:
It is the only preventive and shielding product in the world that targets at high-frequency electromagnetic wave. It is tested by the University of German Federal Military and Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute. Its shielding rate of electromagnetic wave can reach at 99.99% (40dB).
1. The water-soluble latex paint extracted from carbon element is non-toxic and harmless, fulfilling the principle of environmental protection.
2. After painting, as long as the paints do not peel off, the shielding effect of electromagnetic wave can last forever.
3. Will not become rusty and cause corrosion. The shielding effect of a single layer can reach at 99.99%.
4. If used as a base paint, simply paint another layer on top.
*For more details, please refer to "Reference".*
It can be used on glass and door, as well as on canopy. Materials such as pure cotton and polyester etc. can be chosen. This textile can be washed and ironed.
1. Approved by the University of German Federal Military, there are 99%, 99.9% and 99.99% of shielding effect in 1GHz respectively (20dB, 30dB and 40dB). Only very little high-frequency electromagnetic wave can penetrate this shielding textile.
2. Approved by Swiss Textile Oko-Tex 100+1000, this textile is safe and harmless to human body. Besides making curtain, it can also be used to make clothes. There is no side effect for wearing it.
3. The silver-plated copper fiber used in the textile is completely covered by cotton or polyester. It will not be exposed to the air. There is no need to worry about electric conduction or electric shock, or that the shielding effect of electromagnetic wave will be lost after washing.
4. The protective textile is highly permeable to light and air. It can be used to make curtain to protect glass and door. There is no need to forgo the view or light outside windows for blocking electromagnetic waves.
5. The textile is preventive against electromagnetic wave and is not required to be earthed.
6. The washing and maintaining methods of this textile are the same as other normal cotton and polyester products. It can be washed in the washing machine and ironed with low temperature. It cannot be bleached or washed by chemicals.
*For more details, please refer to “Reference”.*
Window film coated with metallic material can stick onto the glass and prevent electromagnetic waves from entering the flat through windows.
1. The shielding rate of electromagnetic waves can reach above 35dB (99.95%).
2. The light permeability can reach above 35%.
3. Can be used with together with paint and textile to provide a full-scale protection against electromagnetic waves.
4. Effective to provide protection against ultra-violet (UV) light.
5. Can stick directly onto the glass.
*For more details, please refer to "Reference".*
Protective board is made of alloy of iron, manganese, nickel, copper and chromium etc. This board with high magnetic conductivity can shield the magnetic fields produced by switchboards, high voltage electricity, electric meter, etc.
1. The shielding effect can reach above 90% and even above 99%. The shielding effect is directly proportional to the shielded area (the larger the shielded area, the better the effect).
2. The protective board is very user-friendly. It can stick onto wall, ceiling or floor. It can be cut easily with tools such as scissors. The surface of the protective board can be covered by wood to improve the appearance.
*For more details, please refer to "Reference".*
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