During project operation, Homeasy will firstly use professional instruments to measure the electromagnetic wave intensity in the flat. Then base on the measurement results and types of the flat, different shielding products will be used. After, technicians will measure the electromagnetic wave intensity again to ensure the intensity after shielding has reduced to a level within standard.
Shielding apartment, The Netherlands (150µW/m² 0.08µW/m²)

Shielding of an apartment at the airport Amsterdam in the Netherlands with shielding paint HSF54. The radiation decreased from 150 µW/m² to 0.08 µW/m².
Testimonial: “The first day I moved in my apartment, I found that I could not sleep. I woke up at 3:00 and 4:00 am. I realized there might be something wrong with my apartment. When I checked around my apartment, I found out there is a cell phone tower just 50 meter away from me. I checked on internet, I found YSHIELD paint. The professional assistance of them gave me the confidence to try out their product. They provide the radio frequency meter to measure the difference before and after applying the paint. The result is amazing. The reading of the radiation decreases from 150 μW/m² to 0.08 μW/m². Now I can sleep very well. Thanks to the product of YSHIELD”.
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