Electromagnetic wave is everywhere. It can enter a flat from different places. The Improvement Projects from Homeasy will perform a complete and detailed assessment of the electromagnetic wave intensity. Based on the results, we will take different shielding measures.
Professional technicians will determine whether there are any sources of high-frequency electromagnetic wave (e.g. base stations and wireless networks) or low-frequency electromagnetic wave (e.g. high-voltage electric wires, electric towers and switchboards) which are close to the flat.
After the technicians have confirmed whether the source of electromagnetic wave is of high-frequency or low-frequency, they will use the corresponding instruments to measure its intensity.
Base on the electromagnetic wave intensity measured, technicians will determine whether the indoor environment is safe. If the electromagnetic wave intensity exceeds the standards, technicians will provide advice for suitable improvement projects. According to the advice of Building Biology in Germany, the effects of electromagnetic wave on indoor environments such as sleeping environments, living spaces and work environments are as follows:
Frequency/ Intensity
of interference
Strong interference Very strong interference
High-frequency electromagnetic wave < 0.1 uW/ ㎡ 0.1-10 uW/ ㎡ 10-1000 uW/ ㎡ >1000 uW/ ㎡
electric field
< 1 V/m 1-5 V/m 5-50 V/m > 50 V/m
magnetic field
< 0.2 mG 0.2-1 mG 1-5 mG > 5 mG
*Slight Anomaly : most of the people will not be affected
*Severe Anomaly : electromagnetic wave will strongly interfere with sleeping quality
*Extreme Anomaly : In addition to insomnia, long term effects include harming central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, visual system and even causing cancer.
According to different electromagnetic wave intensity, technicians will take suitable shielding improvement projects. (Using German YShield HSF54 Shielding Paint/ Swiss Shield Textile/ German YShield Window Film/ Magnic Shield Protective Board/ other protective products) *Please refer to the “Product Introduction” and “Reference” for more details.*
Project Operation
Technicians will measure the electromagnetic wave intensity again to ensure it has reduced to a level within standard after shielding.
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