Service Description Fee Schedule

1. Electromagnetic
    Wave Intensity

Professional technicians will measure the electromagnetic wave intensity in the flat with corresponding measuring instruments, and then provide a report. If the electromagnetic wave intensity exceeds standard levels, the report will also provides suitable advice for improvement projects. $1,000up*

2. Electromagnetic
    Wave Improvement
German YShield HSF54 Shielding Paint
Or / and
Swiss Shield Textile
Or / and
German YShield Window Film
Or / and
Magnic Shield Protective Board
Or / and
Other protective products
Individual Quotation
Special Offers for Assessment Package  
1. Electromagnetic Wave
    Intensity Measurement
Other Assessment Services
2. Radon Concentration
3. VOC Concentration
4. Infant/Children Home
    Safety Assessment
5. Elderly Home Safety
* After measurement, if customer selects the corresponding “Electromagnetic Wave Improvement
  Projects” and the projects fee is more than $5000, the measurement fee will be exempted.
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