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Service Description Fee Schedule
1. VOC Concentration
Professional technicians will close all the windows and the main door. Then use the gas detector to measure the initiate indoor TVOC data.
(Individual quotation for flats with saleable area 1,000 sq. ft or above)
2. CT Catalyst – IAQ
     Improvement Service
Technicians will use the well-designed head spray (with 1-5μm diameter spray head), to ensure even distribution of CT catalyst particles (300nm diameter in average) on the surface of furniture, walls and every drawers as well.
Please find the fee table below.

Special Offers for Assessment Package
1. VOC Concentration
Other Assessment
2. Radon Concentration
3. Electromagnetic Wave
    Intensity Measurement
4. Infant/Children Home
    Safety Assessment
5. Elderly Home Safety
Enjoy $200 discount when selecting
2 assessment services together;
$300 for 3 services and so on.
* After measurement, if customer selects the corresponding ‘CT Catalyst – IAQ Improvement Service’ immediately  the measurement fee will be exempted.
within 350 sq ft (saleable area) $1,980
Enjoy $200 discount when joining Empty House Cleaning Service as well.
Another $50 discount offer for Pest Control Service also.

Also, enjoy Flu End Long-lasting Anti-bacterial Sterilizing Service at a discount price $500 (Original: $1500) (for flats saleable araea < 700 sq ft)
350 – 1000 sq ft(saleable area) extra $2.5 per sq ft
1001 sq ft or above(saleable area) Individual Quotation
- The above service fee is only applicable for areas along the railway. Customers are responsible for additional traffic fee for the service in suburb areas (such as Discovery Bay). Individual traffic fee will be quoted.
- A surcharge of $100/floor is required for apartments without elevators.
To conduct the service, our technicians will firstly measure the initial TVOC data (Total Volatile Organic Compounds). The Gas detector will update the TVOC data continuously after the CT Catalyst service has started. Customers are welcome to check the readings anytime during the service. When the service completes, the amount of TVOC will dramatically drop 70% or above for a renovated flat usually. Meanwhile, 90% of TVOC will be decomposed in 72 hours after the service.
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