4,100 elderly people who are 60 years old or above have been interviewed and the result found that about 30% of them are susceptible to falling and will suffer from bone fractures easily. Some doctors point out that when a person suffers from serious bond fracture, the healing process will increase the burden of the body. If the burden of organs is too great, it may lead to organ failure. In some cases, even elderly can recover from bone fracture, their health has greatly deteriorated and their ability to look after themselves has reduced. Around 20% of the patients will die with various reasons after one year of the sickness.

According to the research by the Department of Health, besides falling, the common accidents of elderly at home are cutting, bruises, fire, etc.

No matter elderly live alone or with family members, there will always be some chances for them to be alone at home and accidents may happen. In fact, to reduce the chance of accidents is not that difficult. Safety at home can be greatly increased with little amendment of home design and adding protective equipment, together with correct lifestyle and behaviors of elderly. For a safer and more relaxing life of elderly, hire professionals to perform assessment and undergo improvement projects at their home NOW!

The “Elderly Home Safety Assessment and Improvement Service” of Homeasy will assess the safety at the home of elderly and provide useful safety advice. Besides, Homeasy will provide professional improvement projects for home in need, creating a comfortable home for elderly.
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