In Hong Kong, there is an average of 8.6 children to be taken to Accident & Emergency Department every day due to home accidents. Some even need to be hospitalized for treatment. The related medical expenses reach 67.5 million dollars every year. According to the data from Hospital Authority from 2006 to 2008, there were 26 thousand times of children being taken to A&E Department due to home accidents. 741 children required emergency operations and 6 were admitted to Intensive Care Unit directly.

It is the basic responsibility of parents to look after their children and ensure their safety. Children grow much faster than what parents expect and they will start crawling and walking at home, which make them vulnerable to injuries. We suggest parents trying to crawl on the ground and viewing things at home from the angle and vision field of children. You can find out your children are facing many obvious dangers which you have ignored in daily life.

To prevent children from injuries, the best way is to provide a safe environment at home for them - Remove the hidden dangers at home and perform continuous checks. To ensure your children can grow up safely and healthily, hire professionals to check and improve your home now!

The “Infant/Children Home Safety Assessment and Improvement Service” of Homeasy will send professionals to your home to perform inspection and assessment, aiming to reduce the hidden dangers to children at home. Besides, Homeasy will provide professional improvement projects to home in need. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable home to children with all effort.
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