1. The minimum allowable monthly wage of overseas maid is HKD$4,730.
2. Total family yearly income cannot be under HKD $180,000 or other relevant Asset Supporting Document, e.g. Time Deposit Statement.
3. The period of employment contract is two years.
4. Upon termination or expiry of the contract, employers should provide free passage, usually an air ticket covering airport tax for him/her to return to his/her place of origin, and a daily food and traveling allowance.
5. It is an offence under the Immigration Ordinance if maid works for another person other than the employer named in his/her visa or perform non-domestic duties. Both parties found to have breached the Immigration Ordinance may face prosecution.
6. Employers should take out employees' compensation insurance against their liabilities for their maid's injuries at work. The valid period should start since the maid arrive Hong Kong.
7. Domestic helpers are required to notify the Extension Section of the Immigration Department in writing of the termination within seven days of the date of termination or expiry of the employment contract.
8. Employers should provide domestic helpers at least one rest day in every period of seven days. A rest day is a continuous period of not less than 24 hours. Rest days shall be appointed by employers and may be granted on a regular or an irregular basis. Unless the rest days are on a regular basis, you should notify domestic helpers their rest days before the beginning of each month.


All foreign domestic helpers, irrespective of their length of services, are entitled to the following 12 statutory holidays in a year:
1    The first day of January 7    Tuen Ng Festival
2    Lunar New Year's Day 8    HKSAR Establishment Day (The first day of July)
3    The second day of Lunar New Year 9    The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
4    The third day of Lunar New Year 10    National Day (The first day of October)
5    Ching Ming Festival 11    Chung Yeung Festival
6    Labor Holiday (The first day of May) 12    Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas
        Day (at the option of the employer)
10. Maid is entitled to paid annual leave after serving every period of 12 months with same employers. maid has entitlement to paid annual leave will increase progressively from seven days to a maximum of 14 days according to the length of service as follows:
1 7 6 11
2 7 7 12
3 8 8 13
4 9 9 or above 14 (upper limit)
5 10
11. Employers should pay long service payment to domestic helpers if they have worked continuously for not less than five years. Calculation formula:[(Monthly wages x 2/3) x years of services]
12. Employers can make deduction for damage or loss to employers' goods or property directly attributable to domestic helpers' negligence or default. In any one case, the sum to be deducted shall be the cost of the damaged item, subject to a limit of HK$300. The total of such deductions shall not exceed one quarter of the wages payable to domestic helpers in that wage period.
13. Labour Department - Employment Agencies Portal

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