1. Phone/Internet Enquiry
We will arrange to respond to all kinds of enquiries within one day.
2. Selection of Eligible Maids
After understanding the requirements of customers, we will send information of eligible applicants to customers via email or fax; then, instant video conference will be conducted until the list of candidates comes up.
Confirmation (Signing Contract))
Once a maid is selected after video conference, you will be guided to sign the contract, pay the agent fee and prepare for the documents required. As soon as we receive all the documents we need, we will start to make application for maids by going through the official procedures for you.
Documents Required
Documents Required :
The original copy of the signed contract (ID407)
A photocopy of employer’s ID Card and passport
A photocopy of employer’s financial proof (such as tax demand notes or bank statements)
The original copy and a photocopy of employer’s household address (such as the recent bills)
Power of Attorney for Visa Collection
One cheque: Homeasy’s Agent Fee

and other related information, etc.

The application procedures take about 3 months.
Application Procedures
The procedures include:




Step 1

The notarized contract (ID407)from Ministry of Manpower, embassy or consulate

3-5 Days

Step 2

Submission of application in Immigration Department, The Government of the Hong Kong

1-3 Weeks

Acknowledge Letter (ID813) sent to employers with the file number of application

Collection of visa permit sent to employers (if Power of Attorney is signed, we will collect the visa permit for employers)

4-6 Weeks

An arrival date of a maid agreed and the start of maid delivery

Arrangement of maid departure and body checks

Step 3

Arrival of maids and airport pickup

Maid Arrival

Maid ID Card Application

Maid registration with embassy or consulate

Maid’s body checks

Free delivery for maids to employers’ estates or MTR stations nearby


After-Sale and Follow-up Services
We will conduct performance follow-up survey after the work starts; translation service can be arranged if needed in order to make sure they meet the requirements of employers. Employers have two-year warranty for the maid service.

Income of an applicant should not be less than HK$180,000 per year or not less than HK$15,000 per month.
Instead, applicants can demonstrate the saving account/deposit account, receipts of stocks or other investment, like funds, in the recent three months (approximately HK$360,000 or above)
l. Tax Assessment form
If income cannot be proofed by Tax Assessment form, can be replace by
• Copy of Tax Assessment form of spouse/ their children
• Official Salary certifying document or Bank Statement with Salary Record
• or Bankbook record of salary transfer of past six months
(About HKD$180,000 or above)
2. Proof of Residence
Original or copy of rental bill or water bill or electrical bill. Certified copy of rental contract of Renter is required; certified copy of rental contract of public housing resident is required and applicant has to apply to housing office for domestic helper temporary residential card.
3. Identifying Documents of Applicant and (if needed)
If there is no such identity Certificate , the following documents are also accepted
• Proof of relationship
Copy of Marriage Certificate or Copy of Birth Certificate of their Children
• Relevant Identifying Document
o Copy of HKID card of spouse or Copy of HKID card of their children etc
4. Assurance Certificate
Assurance Certificate is required if the applicant intend to employ maid for their parents or family.
• Assurance Certificate, to assure the applicant will pay for the relevant charge
• Copy of Applicant’s identity Certificate
• Copy of Applicant’s rental bill
5. Quick Visa
Medical proof or relevant document is needed for quick visa application, in case of the sickness or pregnancy of family member.

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