1. CT Catalyst    |    2. Natural Clean
(JPO Patent No.: 3514702 2004.1.23 , IPD Patent Ref: HK1116125)

CT catalyst is recognized as a powerful media to 1) decompose VOCs that are carcinogenic (such as formaldehyde), 2) disinfect, 3) anit-mold, 4) deodorize and 5) have self-cleaning functions. It has been imported from Japan with honorable awards and received great appreciations from the local government. It was being awarded with 2008 Yellow Ribbon Medal from Japanese Tenno, 2005 Thing Structure Japan Grand-Prix Prize for an Excellent Work from Japan Ministry of Economy, 2005 appreciated by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology and 2004 29th Japan Invention Rewards.

CT catalyst particles are as fine as 300nm diameter in average. By using CT Spray Coating Technique, CT catalyst particles are evenly distributed on the surface of furniture, walls and every drawer as well. It allows the CT catalyst particles to fully perform in oxidation and reduction so as to eliminate the VOCs inside the flat rapidly.
CT Catalyst undergoes oxidation or reduction by using catalyst and materials containing charge-transfer-type catalyst.
There are various standards of IAQ among regions or districts. Roughly speaking, the standard of TVOC level is not more than 0.8mg/m3 or 1ppm. In the following table section 1, you may find various IAQ index for reference.
A "CT catalyst ability experiment" has been conducted in a renovated flat. There is no doubt that an outstanding result has been recorded. In section 2, it shows that CT catalyst is able to decompose TVOC more than 90% within just 72 hours. In the meantime, it is inspired that the concentration of formaldehyde has reduced 99.4%. This result is equivalent to natural decomposition for 3-10 years. CT catalyst is therefore significantly proofed to be a strong VOCs killer.
Japan Food Research Laboratories has tested the anti-bacteria ability of CT catalyst in a 24 hours sample testing. It conclusively confirms that CT catalyst is able to control the growth of Staphylococcus Aureus, MRSA and Escherichia Coli within a day, in short, bacteria will be eliminated. A study states that CT Catalyst affects the charge balance inside bacterial cells through charge transfer, making the environment impossible for bacterial growth.
Regarding the anti-mold performance of CT catalyst, a controlled experiment is carried out. The report indicated that CT catalyst is able to stop the growth of mold, as the testing sample with CT catalyst remind mold-free. It is because CT catalyst is strong in water repellency that separates moisture from the surface.
- Natural ingredients extracted from a variety of plants, including   Gleditsia sinensis, Sophora flavescens, aloe vera, peel of fresh   Fortunella japonica, etc
- Can effectively remove benzene, TVOC, ammonia and most of the   odors, also have effects on the elimination of formaldehyde
- No chemical ingredients, safe, odorless, with disinfection effects
- Self-degradation, will not cause secondary pollutions
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