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Chemical Name: Volatile Organic Compounds

Indoor Air Pollution
It commonly occurs not only in upholstery apartments, but also in lived-in flats. Generally it takes 3-10 years for VOCs to decompose naturally.
  Indoor air pollution majorly comes from VOCs:
- Formaldehyde -(HCHO)
- Hydrocarbons -(HC)
- Toluene-(COOH)
- Ammonia (NH3)
- Xylene -(COOH)2
Altogether more than 100 chemicals


- Wooden furniture, especially the newly made ones
- Building materials
- Paints
- Adhesives
  - Other furniture
- Second-hand smoke
- Shoes
- Cooking fumes

A mainland environment investigation report pointed out that 110 thousand people died per annual, which is directly or indirectly caused by indoor air pollution (i.e.300 ppls/day). Another news article cited from Ming Pao Daily on June 1, 2007, titled with"90% Mainland leukemia children - lived in flats that had finished renovation within 6 months". It described that children's rooms was relatively small, with multi-purpose including resting, studying and leisure. It proportionally required more renovation materials, and more VOCs would be emitted. VOCs are significantly harmful towards human especially children under 6 years old and even fetus. Please take action without hesitation.
- Irritation (Eye, nose and throat)
- Headache
- Nausea / Vomiting
- Dizziness
- Worsening of asthma symptoms

  - Cancer (e.g. leukemia)
- Liver damage
- Kidney damage
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