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Job Reference: Residence/Commercial Buildings & Corporate Clients
Chemical Name: Volatile Organic Compounds (Short Form: VOCs)
It is commonly occurred not only in upholstery apartments, but also in lived-in flats.
•Formaldehyde -(HCHO) •Hydrocarbons -(HC)
•Toluene-(COOH) •Ammonia (NH3)
•Xylene -(COOH)2   Altogether 100 or more chemicals

Major Sources:

•Compressed wood products and renovation materials
Other Sources:
•Furniture •Paints •Shoes •Second-hand smoke •Cooking fumes
A Mainland environment investigation report pointed out that 110 thousand people dead per annual directly or indirectly caused by indoor air pollution (300 ppls/day). Another news article cited from Ming Pao Daily in 2007, June 1st, titled with“90% Mainland leukemia children lived in flats that had finished renovation within 6 months”. It described that children’s rooms was relatively small, with multipurpose included resting, studying and leisure. It proportionally required more renovation materials, more VOCs would be emitted. VOCs are significantly harmful towards human especially children under 6 years old and even unborn. Please take action without hesitation.
•Eye, nose and throat irritation
•Nausea / Vomiting
•Worsening of asthma symptoms
•Liver damage
•• Kidney damage
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