The housekeeping service is the main business of Homeasy Services Limited. More and more service plans of housekeeping have been launched since 2001; what is most familiar with among our customers is Domestic Helper Cleaning Service. We will arrange to respond to all kinds of enquiries over the internet / phones within one day.

Your Domestic Helper will help you with house cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking. Customised service plans such as basic, package and monthly plans have been released. Listening to customers’ voice, also driven us to provide quality services.

Apart from Domestic Helper Cleaning Service, we also provide Cleaning Up, Upholstery Cleaning/ Empty House Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. The peak time business of Cleaning Up is located in one or two weeks ahead of Chinese New Year; Upholstery Cleaning/ Empty House Cleaning particularly serves to remove stains and filth before moving in; Carpet Cleaning includes basic purification and pest control.

The Company spares no efforts offering the customised service mentioned above. For more details, please make your enquiry over the internet or phones.

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