Relevant Websites - Public Institutions
1. 氡氣與你 (Hong Kong Enviornmental Protection Department, Chinese)
2. 常見的室內空氣污染物-氡氣 (Hong Kong IAQ Information Centre, Chinese)
3. A Citizen's Guide To Radon – The Guide To Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Radon (U.S. Envionmental Protection Agency)
4. Radon and Cancer: Questions and Answers
(US National Cancer Institution)

Relevant Videos
5. The Facts About Radon Gas - It's Deadly (Youtube)

Relevant Articles
6. 吸入氡氣太多易罹患肺癌 (Headline Daily, 2010-1-8, Chinese)
7. 聯合國: 室內放射氣體致癌 (BBC, 2009-7-25, Chinese)
8. 多個衛生組織警告 應探測住宅致癌氡氣 (Singtao, 2010-11-11, Chinese)
9. 美環保署:氡氣今年將使兩萬美國人致命 (Sina, 2008-1-10, Chinese)
10. 日人愛氡氣浴 科學家警告會致癌 (Taiwan Liberty Times, 2004-11-9, Chinese)
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