Service Description Fee Schedule
1. Radon Concentration
Professional technicians will place the measuring instruments at a few suitable places in the flat. Then they will return to check the concentration level the next day and provide a report. (Need 2 days**)

If the radon concentration exceeds the standard level of 4 pCi/l, the report will contain advice for suitable improvement projects.
(Individual quotation for flats with 1,500 sq. ft or above)
2. Radon Improvement
Ventilation System Specially Designed for Radon
Or / and
Anti-radon Latex Paint
Individual Quotation
Special Offers for Assessment Package
1. Radon Concentration
Other Assessment Services
2. Electromagnetic Wave
    Intensity Measurement
3. VOC Concentration
4. Infant/Children Home
    Safety Assessment
5. Elderly Home Safety
  * After measurement, if customer selects the corresponding “Radon Improvement Projects” and the projects fee is more than $5000, the measurement fee will be exempted.
* * The requirement of 2 days for measuring radon concentration is according to the standards set by the United States. This differs from the 8 hours set by the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). The average value of the data from 2 days will be more accurate to be the final indoor radon concentration level.
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