Homeasy Services Limited was established in 2001 and has since developed into a large-scale one-stop home service company. We have always been professional and sincere to provide customers with suitable and satisfactory home services in response to different needs and requirements, so that customers can enjoy a better family life.

At present, we provide the following services: (1) Household Cleaning, (2) Overseas Maid, (3) Maternity Service, (4) Home Inspector, (5) Household Maintenance, (6) Pest Control, (7) Baseboard Maintenance, (8) Moving Service and (9) Concierge Service.

Each of the above services has an independent website. Besides the detailed descriptions of its scope of work, service charges, terms and conditions, the websites will also provide relevant information, in order to let customers have a more comprehensive understanding of various household services, so as to choose the suitable services. In addition, to enable customers to enjoy more efficient services, we have added an online inquiry and appointment form to each service, and we promise to follow up within one working day.

Sust’n Green Technology

With more than 10 years of business development and customer service experience, we have found that customers demand more and more in the quality of their living environment, in the aspects of health, safety and comfortability. Hence, in 2014, we launched a new brand, “Sust'n Green Technology”, aiming to create a comfortable, healthy, safe and sustainable living and working environment for customers. Services include Electromagnetic Radiation Protection, Heat Proof, Waterproof, Floor Slip Prevention, etc., and also selling certified green cleaning products.

Another main business of Sust'n Green Technology is the Scratch Repair Service (Glass and Stainless Steel), which can effectively remove deep scratches on glass and stainless steel surfaces. This service does not only save huge replacement costs for customers, but also reduces wastages and the pollutions and carbon emissions from manufacturing and transportation processes.


• Homeasy Services Limited intends to provide customised and professional household-related services
   on demand.
•  We listen to our customers carefully and keep releasing quality services to meet customer requirements
   which enable residents to enjoy a quality living ambience.